President’s Message


We wish the best for you and your families during these uncertain times.  Accokeek Academy PTSA remains operational and we will continue to support Accokeek Academy community.  PTSA will send a wide range of information and updates as they become available.  Below you will find information to assist you with the beginning of a new and very different school year.   

To our renewing members, welcome back!  We encourage you to visit the PTSA website and we welcome new members and you’re encouraged  to join  PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) 

We  encourage each of you to visit Accokeek Academy  website twice each week: 

Kindergarten Parents are encouraged to register their child as soon as possible. 

Continue to use communication via Class DoJo for school stories. 

Family Information is usually gathered manually each school year. Please complete thform on the school website ait will keep information current with each child’s family. 


School hours for all students are from 9:15am until 3:55pm. Students are encouraged to be on time and to logon to their homeroom by 9:15am. All students will receive their schedules via email prior to the first day of school. Parents are encouraged to be present with their students online the first day of homeroom to encourage their child and demonstrate the importance of school and our school’s high expectations for each scholar. 


  • School Breakfasts & Lunches: The cafeterias will prepare food for students during virtual learning. Details can be found at:

 Please mark your calendars 

  • Thursday August 20, 2020 – Elementary belongings have been secured by the previous year’s teacher and students will be notified for pick up. Please see K-5 materials distribution form: 

 Monday August 24 – Thursday August 27 there will be iPad, Chromebook, textbook and supply distribution by grade level.    

  • Monday will be Kindergarten, 1st and 8th Grade 
  •  Tuesday will be 2nd Grade and 7th Grade 
  •  Wednesday will be 3rd Grade and 6th Grade 
  • Thursday will be 4th and 5th Grades.  

Pickups will be in the Lower Campus Cafeteria for Grades K through 5. Upper Cafeteria will be for Grades 6 through 8. Please enter through the cafeteria entrances.   

Across the nation there has been a high demand for electronic devices, which has resulted in a delay.  If in fact you currently have a device that could be used, It is greatly appreciated if you delay picking up additional devices around September 21, 2020.  It is anticipated that additional devices will be received at or before that time. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. 


Thursday August 27, 2020 5:30 – 6:30pm – Accokeek Academy’s Virtual Back to School Fair where we celebrate the new school year and introduce you to extracurricular activities! 

Friday August 28, 2020 All Students in Kindergarten – 8th Grade will have a Virtual Orientation Students and parents are invited for a mock day of school following their school day schedule from 9:15am until 11:30am. 


  • Wednesday September 9, 2020 6:30pm –Lower Campus (K-5th Grade) Virtual Back-to-School Night. All parents and students are encouraged to attend and meet their teachers and learn the expectations of their schedules and course work. 

Thursday September 10, 2020 6:30pm – Upper Campus (6th-8th) Virtual Back-to-School Night. All parents and students are encouraged to attend and meet their teachers and learn the expectations of their schedules and course work. 

Jeanine Henderson

President SY 2020-2021

Accokeek Academy PTSA