Teacher is Our \”Middle\” Name

7 Affirmations for Teachers

I am proud to be a teacher.Teaching is one of the most honorable and noble of all professions.I love what I do and know that my enthusiasm is contagious.I bring knowledge, dedication, and understanding to my classroom.I make a positive difference in my students\’ lives.

My students will be better people because of me and I will be a better person because of them.I know what I give to my students will come back to me in many wonderful and unexpected ways.

No one appreciates a teacher more than the mother or father or caregiver of a child. We send our students to school trusting each of you with our children and ask only that you care for them and teach them well. We don\’t always know what to expect from education today and sometimes we don\’t know how to approach the teacher to discuss the successes or failures of our children.

That is why PTSA can be the common ground for the parent and teacher to develop a positive relationship with each child. PTA is much more than a venue to raise funds. Not that we mind helping out when we can, but PTA is about much more. Together we can work for the good of our school community. Together we can show the community that we care about our children and that education is a key to their future as much as each child\’s future.

We know how much you already give to the classroom in the way of your own funds, but we invite you to join your PTSA and be proud to the middle name of the most successful child advocacy organization in the nation. PTA doesn\’t expect more than you can give, it only ask that you make the commitment to add your \’teacher\’ voice to the one voice of PTA which speaks for every child.